Police Perform ‘Simulated Drug Raid’ On 5th Graders; Child Attacked By K9

BRAZIL, IN — Children were subjected to a “simulated raid” of a party so they could witness police searching citizens with dogs and look for reasons to arrest them in a “drug awareness” event.  The idea went from bad to worse when one of the children was attacked by the police dog as it sniffed them for drugs.

This week is apparently “Red Ribbon Awareness week,” in which children across the country are told how important it is to keep up the status quo with drug prohibition.  The Clay County Courthouse set up a police state demonstration for a group of 5th graders which involved a simulated police raid of a party involving searches and seizures using a vicious police dog.

Source: fsocadetox.com

With the goal of “educating the Clay County fifth-graders on drug awareness,” police crashed into a simulated party to search the attendees for narcotics.  The children involved were told to hold very still while they were searched by police and their K-9.

Brazil Police Chief Clint McQueen revealed that police deliberately planted drugs on an 11-year-old boy in order to make the raid appear more realistic.  According to the Brazil Times:

McQueen said a very small amount of illegal drugs were hidden on one of the juveniles to show how the dogs can find even the smallest trace of an illegal substance. He added all this was done “under exclusive control and supervision of members of the court and law enforcement.”

Dog handler, Ray Walters, issued a report that described the event that resulted in his dog attacking the 5th grader’s leg.

“As I got closer to the actors, Max [the dog] began searching the juveniles,” wrote Walters. “The first male juvenile began moving his legs around as Max searched him. When the male began moving his legs, (this is what) I believe prompted Max’s action to bite the male juvenile on the left calf.”

The unnamed boy was transported by ambulance to St. Vincent Clay Hospital for puncture wounds on his leg from where the police K-9’s fangs had ripped his skin open.

“It wasn’t the dog’s fault and it wasn’t the kid’s fault. But my gosh the kid is gonna carry those memories for a long time,” Clay County resident Ron Pell said.

If this show of incompetence wasn’t enough, police went forward with one last drill as the young boy was being carted away in an ambulance.  There were 4 “scenarios” carried out that day.

What was pitched as a “drug awareness” event was in reality more of a “police state conditioning” drill.  Young, impressionable kids were subjected to witness first-hand one of America’s most offensive policies: cops crashing into private parties to arrest citizens for possessing a plant or a substance without permission.  The kids were being conditioned to accept that getting searched by police dogs without cause is normal behavior that should be supported.

The prohibitionists’ indoctrination plan may have backfired this time, with the children being taught an unintended lesson: that the police can be more dangerous than the drugs.